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What is "Songs of Cultures"?

"Songs of Cultures" is a multilingual music app that playfully encourages children aged 3 to 10 to discover other countries and cultures through songs from different cultures and languages, and to promote their language development.

How does the app work?

You simply open the app in the browser on your computer, tablet or cell phone. If you have a mobile device that supports augmented reality, you can even conjure up the scenes of the songs in your room! There are also subtitles, a karaoke mode and a vocabulary mode where you can learn the names of the 3D objects in different languages.

For what age is "Songs of Cultures" suitable

The app is suitable for children aged 3 to 10 and can be used super at home, daycare and elementary school.

How can I download the app?

You don't have to download the app, just open it in your browser. Just go to your computer or mobile device and visit the website and you're ready to go!

How many songs does the app contain?

The app contains 18 interactive songs from different cultures, including Vietnam, Syria, Ukraine, Great Britain and Germany.

In which languages can I use the app?

The app works in five different languages: Ukrainian, Arabic, English, Vietnamese and German.

What are the goals of the app?

"Songs of Cultures" is designed to help children learn empathy and cosmopolitanism and to promote their language development. Through the playful discovery of other cultures and languages, we want to promote diversity and appreciation and contribute to a cosmopolitan and anti-racist society. Developed together with educators and intercultural parents, we use "Songs of Cultures" to teach children and adults the core skills of the 21st century in a playful way: social, intercultural, media and digital skills.

In which areas does the app promote my child's competencies and skills?

"Songs of Culturespromotes your child's skills and abilities in various areas in a playful way. By singing and listening to the songs, the linguistic development and pronunciation of your child is supported. In addition, cultural intelligence and empathy are fostered as children discover and learn about songs from different countries and cultures. The app's augmented reality feature provides a unique and immersive learning experience that stimulates your child's creativity and imagination, and builds their media and digital literacy skills. With the vocabulary mode, kids can playfully learn new words and improve their language comprehension. The "Songs of Cultures" app thus contributes to the promotion of social, intercultural, media and digital skills, which are becoming increasingly important in the 21st century.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is an innovative technology that is also used in education. When you use your mobile device to see the world around you through the camera, you can use augmented reality to insert digital elements into your physical environment. These elements appear to float in the real world and can even be interactive. For example, in the "Songs of Cultures" app, you can bring the animals from the songs to life right in your room and interact with them. It's like turning your room into a magical world where you can discover new songs and cultures. This directly connects the multimedia and musical setting with the physically tangible everyday world, providing a unique and immersive learning experience.

Does my mobile device support the augmented reality feature?

The following smartphones and tablets support augmented reality (AR):

iOS (Apple): AR requires an iOS or iPadOS device with iOS 11 and an A9 processor or newer e.g. iPhone: SE and from iPhone 6 / iPad: iPad and iPad Mini from 5th generation, iPad Pro from 1st generation.

Android: An up-to-date list with all currently supported Android devices can be found here

How long should I use the app with my child?

Your kids especially love the app? That's great! That's great! However, the use of digital media in childhood should be limited. Use the app for a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes per day. Make music and sing the songs for as long as you like! There is so much to discover, make music, do and talk about around the songs and languages. For this, the app is a good starting point that should stimulate your imagination, but never limit it.

The recommendations of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) on the daily media usage times of children reads:

Listening media:
0-3 years maximum 30 minutes
3-6 years maximum 45 minutes
6-10 years maximum 60 minutes

Screen media:
0-3 years best not at all
3-6 years maximum 30 minutes
6-10 years 45-60 minutes at most

Why is the app free?

The use of the "Songs of Cultures" app is free of charge and without any restrictions. We believe that everyone should have access to quality and interactive education, regardless of their financial situation. The use of the "Songs of Cultures" app is free and without restrictions. We believe that everyone should have access to a quality and interactive education, regardless of their financial situation.

We at A.MUSE - Interactive Design Studio, the creators of the app, pursue social entrepreneurship and orientate our project towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. With the "Songs of Cultures" we want to contribute to the promotion of diversity, appreciation and empathy.

Pilot project: iOS/Android app with song cards

Was there a previous version of the web app?

Yes, there was a previous version as an iOS and Android app in the app stores that only worked with augmented reality and physical song cards. It includes 10 songs from Vietnam, the UK and Germany. The song cards are still available through Horami Publishing and the accompanying iOS/Android app can still be downloaded. However, it does not include the new songs from Syria and Ukraine and will not be further updated with new content.

What are the advantages of the new web app compared to the previous version?

The new web app works regardless of whether your mobile device supports augmented reality and can be used on a larger number of devices. In addition, the app no longer needs to be downloaded and installed.

Does the iOS/Android app still work?

Yes, the Songs of Cultures app for iOS and Android still works. You can use it just as it is or together with the song cards. However, please note that the app only contains 10 songs in German, Vietnamese and English, will not be updated further and only works with AR (Augmented Reality). This means that you will experience the songs in an augmented reality if your mobile device supports this feature. However, for an even better experience with all the songs and new features, we recommend you to use the new web app. Why? Because you can easily open it in your browser without downloading anything. Plus, it's cross-device and works on PC, smartphone and tablet iOS and many other platforms with a browser 🚀

Can I still buy the song cards?

Yes, the song cards are still being sold. The accompanying iOS and Android app is still available, but only includes 10 songs from Germany, Vietnam and the UK. Together, the song cards and app are a great way to use and learn the songs, especially for children due to the ease of selecting songs via the cards. The song cards are available from Horami Publishing:

How do the song cards work?

The song cards have the sheet music for the song on the front and a stage on the back, making it easy as pie to select songs in the app. By selecting a song card and scanning it with the app, you can hear and experience the song in your own space through augmented reality. Please note that your device must support augmented reality to use the iOS and Android app. However, with the new web app, the songs work independently of augmented reality support and can be easily experienced in the browser.

Why should I still buy the song cards?

If you have already purchased the song cards, you can continue to use them. However, if you would like to support us and the app, as it is free and non-profit, you can purchase additional song cards or recommend the app to friends and family members. ❤️

The song cards are available from Horami Publishing:

I bought the song cards but my mobile device does not support augmented reality.

If your mobile device doesn't support augmented reality, you can still listen to the songs through the new web app without needing the song cards. The web app is independent of augmented reality support and can be used on a wider range of devices. So you can experience and enjoy the songs without the song cards. ❤️

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